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A Land of their Own

The snow has finally all melted and the children have been spending more hours outside with warmer weather.  I still wouldn't call it warm, but at least they aren't coming in after an hour frozen and pink cheeked.  We spent a few days clearing a large area in the wooded area on our property for them to have as their "land".  I cleared out dead fallen trees, knee deep leaves, and brambles.  We hauled some cinder blocks over and they rearranged rocks for their "homes".  Grand plans are being hatched for trips to garage sales for pots, pans, cement animals, a small table, and chairs for their new special area.  Roan has already declared he will spend all day every day during the spring and summer outside now (who cares about school?).  
This new outside project coupled with way too many desserts has made COVID isolation fairly calm and easy.  Maybe when you homeschool you're already pretty good at social distancing (ha ha).  For the time being life is slo…

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